Home Made Hope Letters (2 – 3 Hours)

Hope Letters DIY

Home made Hope Letters


  • 3 1/2 Yards Simplicity®/MD 1/4″ Natural Jute Cording Trim
  • 10 Yards Simplicity®/MD 1″ Rainbow Jute Trim
  • 8 Yards Simplicity®/MD 2MM Jute Craft Trim
  • 5 Yards Simplicity®/MD 1/8″ Turquoise Rattail Trim
  • 2/3 Yard Simplicity®/MD 1 1/2″ Aqua Chiffon Pleat Trim
  • 12″ Paper Mache Letters: “H”, “O”, “P”, “E”
  • 1 bottle turquoise acrylic paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Ruler


1. Paint the letters “H”, “P” and “E” using the foam brush and turquoise paint. Allow to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Outline the letters “H” and “E” with the natural jute cording trim by using the hot glue to secure the trim in place as close to the outer edges as possible.
3. Begin wrapping the rainbow jute trim around the “O” by securing an end to the back of the letter and wrapping up over the top, down and back around to the front. With each wrap, cover the last row of color from the wrap before, working clockwise. Secure trim every 3″ with hot glue on the back of the letter. Repeat until entire letter is covered.
4. Cut the turquoise rattail trim in half so each length measures 2-1/2 yards. Beginning as far left as possible at the top opening of the “P”, secure one end of rattail behind the letter and wrap vertically, closely together until reaching the end of the rattail, securing every 3″ with hot glue on the back of the letter. Repeat directly below the opening of the “P” with the remaining rattail.
5. Cut the jute craft trim in half so each length measures 4 yards. Wrap and secure the jute trim in the same manner as done for the rattail, wrapping horizontally on both the right and left sides of the opening of the “P”.
6. Cut two lengths of pleat trim measuring 10″ and 14″. Coil into rosettes and secure with hot glue.
7. Secure rosettes to top left corner of the letter “E” with hot glue.

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