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Liz Creasey


Liz Creasey is just a girl from Charleston, SC, who believes with all of her heart that there is beauty in the everyday.  Liz fell in love with the romance of wildflowers at a young age as she vacationed in the mountains of North Carolina with her family.  She would always stop and pick fresh bouquets, and to her delight, found that pure joy seemed to accompany these fresh blossoms as she gifted them to friends and passerbys.  After high school, Liz moved to Sydney, Australia, where she was exposed to creativity as a way of life, a culture to which she surely belonged.  A friend of Liz's there owned a company that made beautiful, pastel, custom headbands for girls.  This interested her, but it wasn't until her wedding two years later that she realized that the style was vastly different in America.  She wanted something simple, elegant, and feminine to wear in her hair.  With an old dress and a sewing kit in hand, Ribbons and Petals was born.  She now wears and sells her homemade headbands, and crafts flower crowns using any and every seasonal bloom.  More recently, she has taken up calligraphy, and loves the artistic strokes made possible by a nib and ink.  She would love to share her creative inspiration with you, and please don't hesitate to share yours with her! You can contact her over on the  Contact Us page. 

Want to know more about Liz and the things that inspire her? Head over to her Blog or see what crafts she has been working on over at the Arts and Crafts page. You can purchase Liz's custom made goods over at the Online Shop